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Welcome to Bull's-Eye Bonsmaras

Bull’s-Eye Bonsmaras is managed on the farm Kleine Drumsheugh, about 60 kilometers east of Askham in the sand dunes of the Kalahari.  It is always a challenge, but a very special privilege to farm in this beautiful area with its extremes of climate and meager rainfall of 180mm per year.  The Kalahari asks and gives no quarter.  Man and beast have to hold their own in order to survive here.  Our animal’s successful survival struggle lies very close to our hearts.

Bull’s-Eye Bonsmaras is a young stud that was established during 2011.  Although the stud is still in its infancy, the genetics of the herd’s core is from acclaimed and established breeders widely known and respected by the Bonsmara Stud Breeders Association.

The core of cows in the herd was purchased from Hasie Haasbroek of Mokale Bonsmaras and the late Kit Thompson of Rutland Farms Bonsmaras during their respective dispersal sales and represents approximately 75 years of breeding.  The remaining cows are A-generation cows from the commercial herd of Bull’s-Eye Bonsmaras.  The selection and incorporation of the A-generation cows within the herd was based on the high visual points scored by senior inspectors of the SA Bonsmara Breeders Association.

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We made use of 6 Herd Sires during the past 2 breeding season.
OB 07-172, AG 11-310, LAR 10-127, FCT 12-163,FCT 12-154 en  FCT 12-174.

OB 07-172 is a grandson of very famous bull EI 98-80, who was bred by Bokkie van der Merwe of Boesman Bonsmaras. EI 98-80 was a son of the equally famous bull BG 96-125. On his dam’s side, OB 07-172 is out of the Ivy bloodlines. He is a broad masculine bull with lots of capacity. His breeding values on Birth Direct and Birth Maternal is as such that we use him on cows as well as heifers. He has very good hooves which is essential in the deep sand of the Kalahari. We are of the opinion that he is an ideal bull for the Kalahari and trust that his progeny will have much of his good traits.

AG11-310 is well balanced, dark red bull with black pigment and a very good skin. He has lots of depth and is broad over his shoulders. His mother is a daughter of AG 02-251 whom in turn is a son of AG 98-338. His well developed and dark testis is indicative that he will breed progeny with black pigment (black noses). This bull is an all rounder and has adapted very quickly in the Kalahari.

LAR 10-127. This bull has a smaller frame and was acquired specifically to open our heifers. His birthweight was 27 kg and his breeding values on Birth direct and maternal confirms this. This bull has very good balance, depth, capacity as well as masculinity. His sire was LAR 05-350 which on his turn is a son of the very famous AG 98-338 bred by Arthur de Villiers. AG 98-338 does not need any introduction as he is recognized as one of the top bonsmara bulls ever bred. Sires on his mothers side is LAR 99-350 and J8.

FCT 12-154, FCT 12-163 en FCT 12-174 is all sons of BBM 08-50 of Poggenpoel Bonsmaras (formerly known as Bristow Bonsmara Molopo). BBM 08-50 is still used in the Poggenpoel stud and has bred exceptional animals. He is a son of JRB 00-116 of Bristow Bonsmaras. We used these 3 young bulls to establish the JRB 00-116/BBM 08-50 bloodline within our herd. These 3 bulls was used together with our main herd sires to also establish which one was worthy to become one of the next herd sires. FCT 12-163 made the cut and will stay within our stud.

LAR 11-71 was bought on the 2015 Production Aucton of Up George Bonsmaras. It was the last of the Up George LAR 06-224 sons used by the Ralfe Family. He is a dark, robust, masculine bull with enormous amount of beef on him. His greatest attribute is his balance of muscling and flesh. He has incredible length and width, and carries himself well with presence, has a proud masculine head with black points and a strong muzzle.
He has very good dark hooves with a good depth of heel which is essential for the deep Kalahari sand. See the video in the news column of the page. He has outstanding breeding values for milk (130,+12.3), growth (153) and a large scrotum (23,1, 122 index) and had a weaning weight of 290kgs. We trust that he will breed amongst others, beautiful heifers that is fertile with a lot of milk.

AG11310 OB 07-172-1 OB07-172-2 LAR11-71-1 LAR11-71-2 LAR 10-127-1 LAR 10-127-2

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